In this section you can find the technical data; for every further information, please feel free to contact us: we will help you find the ideal solution for your needs.

  • Working principle

    Ernst patented Calibrated Pins System

  • Load application method

    static load (STE/A with clamp); dynamic load (with hammer)

  • Minimum measurable diameter

    30mm without surface preparation

  • Objective lenses

    Standard: 8x eyepice. Optional: 20X hilight Brinell scope; E-BRIO Brinell Optical Reader

  • Working conditions

    -20°C +50°C

  • Dimensions

    40cm x 23cm x 8cm

  • Notes

  • Loads

    1580kp (15500N)

  • Standard scales

    HB30 - N/mm² - kg/mm² on reading chart

  • Reading

    on ERNST hardness charts

  • Storage

    With the E-BRIO Brinell Optical Reader the indentations can be stored, printed and used for statistics.

  • Working area dimensions

    min. 10mm x 10mm

  • Weight


In this section you will find the videos and pictures related to the selected product.


  • Placeholder photo imagePlaceholder photo image

    The bench support permits quick lock of the the clamp and is particularly suitable for testing small and medium size specimens.

  • Placeholder photo imagePlaceholder photo image

    Hard metal indenter for testing hardness from 400 to 700 HB.

In this section you will find our standard accessories as well as our optional accessories. Do you have the need for a specific solution you can't find here? Contact us, our technical office is at you disposal to suggest or develop the ideal solution for your needs.

Standard accessories

  • Accessories image

    Package of 250 calibrated pins

  • Accessories image

    8x eyepiece

  • Accessories image

    Ernst hardness test block

  • Wooden case for STE/A

  • Cylinder for impact testing

  • V-anvil 40 mm dia.

  • Flat anvil 20 mm dia.

  • Flat anvil 40 mm dia.

  • Steel penetrator

  • Hardness conversion chart and operating instructions

Optional accessories

  • Accessories image

    ANTARES 20x hilight scope

  • Accessories image

    Yamamoto hardness block

  • Package of 250 calibrated pins with calibration certificate

  • Hard metal penetrator

  • Bench support for STE