In this section you can find the technical data; for every further information, please feel free to contact us: we will help you find the ideal solution for your needs.

  • Working principle


  • Preload

    200kgf (N 1962)

  • Load application method

    automatic by hydraulik cylinder/measuring head

  • Minimum measurable diameter


  • Objective lenses

    Optional Optical Brinell reader e●brio² available

  • Selectable functions

    hardness scale - load time - min. measurable thickness - mm/inch - calibration - language - date/time - tolerance levels - indenter - file - tests archive - print out - statistics - icons - pwd - conversion - sequence - start test

  • Output interfaces

    USB Printer - data export on USB pen drive
    RS232 - RS485 - Profibus - Ethernet

  • Working conditions


  • Dimensions

    80cm x 230cm x 140cm - max. measurable height 850 mm

  • Norms and certifications

    Meets ASTM E103 (ASTM E10, ISO 6506 if the diameter of the indentation is subsequently read optically)

  • Loads

    750kgf - 1000kgf - 3000kgf (N 7357-9810-29430)

  • Load time

    selectable manually by selector

  • Standard scales

    HB5/750, HB10/1000, HB10/3000

  • Reading

    on 7" touch screen display 800px x 480px

  • Storage

    400 files of 2500 results can be stored

  • Languages

    The test certificate can be printed out in 5 languages - further languages on request

  • Power supply

    400VAC 3phase + neutral + ground

  • Working area dimensions

    25mm x 25mm

  • Weight


  • Notes

    The unique safety feature of the BRE-AUT series helps preventing injury by retracting instantly the penetrator when it makes contact with soft material. The E-BRIO Brinell reading system is available for optical reading of the Brinell indentations.

In this section you will find our standard accessories as well as our optional accessories. Do you have the need for a specific solution you can't find here? Contact us, our technical office is at you disposal to suggest or develop the ideal solution for your needs.

Standard accessories

  • Accessories image

    8x eyepiece

  • Accessories image

    Yamamoto hardness block

  • Flat anvil 120mm dia.

  • V-anvil for round specimens Ø min. 8mm max. 60 mm

  • 5mm ball penetrator

  • 10mm ball penetrator

Optional accessories

  • Accessories image

    Bench for Bre Aut 100/Twin

  • Accessories image

    Flat anvil for pieces up to 200 mm dia.

  • Accessories image

    V-anvil for rounds up to 200mm dia.

  • Extra output module Compact Com Ethernet Elet250 Ethernet/IP-AB6214

  • Extra output module Compact Com Profibus Elet250 DPVI-AB6200

  • Extra output module RS232

  • Extra hardness scale with test block