New possibilities are emerging in the field of hardness testing

The Ernst portable hardness testers can be certified by ACCREDIA (UKAS, COFRAC, DAkkS, ENAC, CNAS, A2LA, IA JAPAN.... EQUIVALENT) in accordance with the DIN 50157 and DIN 50158 standards.

July 2016.

Ernst is officially authorised to provide Series COMPUTEST SCX, DYNATEST SCX, HANDY ESATEST X and MTR-X portable hardness testers with an  ACCREDIA (UKAS, DAkkS, COFRAC, ENAC, CNAS, A2LA, IA JAPAN.... equivalent) calibration certificate, in accordance with DIN 50157-2, DIN 50158-2 and/or ASTM, for calibration using the direct and indirect method.

The certificate bearing the mark of ACCREDIA guarantees compliance with the most stringent requirements of international standards. Certificates issued for our tools also bear the mark of ILAC (ILAC MRA - International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation Mutual Recognition Arrangements), which guarantees recognition of the accreditation activities carried out by all signatory States in accordance with the international accreditation system run by ILAC.

This allows for an entirely new scenario in the field of hardness testing, where portable hardness meters can now be used in all those sectors in which the certification of measuring instruments is essential, for example in aeronautics or aerospace and many areas of military supplies.