Quality and certification

 _ Where there were no adequate testing standards, we have created them. When a company has been committed to the pursuit of excellence for more than half a century, it cannot feel satisfied by any standard. Here at ERNST HÄRTEPRÜFER SA, we always aim at the best, even and especially when it means innovation for the benefit of the entire sector.

The range of ERNST products complies with the most common regulatory systems related to the different principles of operation. ERNST HÄRTEPRÜFER SA has contributed to new solutions in defining several international standards: one more confirmation of the companies’ ability to innovate and of its authority in the field. All Ernst hardness testers, depending on the characteristics of the product, are CE marked, certified according to the international standards EN, ISO, DIN, ASTM, and also all the measurement methods applied are established by the most common regulations. In addition, the special systems with operator are equipped with safety anti-injury devices.

High corporate and product quality
certified according to strict
international standards
that we have helped to improve.