Innovation and patents

 _ Real milestones in the history of ERNST HÄRTEPRÜFER SA are the continued innovation, which have brought, in time, a significant contribution to the development of the sector. Even today, ERNST HÄRTEPRÜFER SA is a leader thanks to its exclusive patents.

Past and future meet in ERNST patents, which represent the tangible evidence of the experience and expertise that led us to be a leader in the industry, and at the same time a constant motivation to look for new solutions. The patents STE a portable system reliable and accurate as a bench Brinell hardness tester and Esatest®, the ultra-fast gauge ideal for testing in inaccessible areas, are two examples of innovative patents designed, engineered and manufactured from the ERNST HÄRTEPRÜFER SA experience in meeting more and more complex and specific requirements.

Past, present and future of the company
Much more than a company's assets,
the ERNST patents are the proof
of our commitment to innovation.

Actually, there is no demand for hardness measurement to which we do not try to give an answer, and we carry out our research projects aiming to create a production more and more complete and to achieve greater precision when measuring the hardness on each type of material.