History, philosophy and values

 _ Passion, precision, and a continuous view towards the future characterize the history of ERNST HÄRTEPRÜFER SA. Born from the genius of a great researcher and carried out with commitment and vision by his successors, ERNST HÄRTEPRÜFER SA has been driving the research and the innovation in hardness testing for over 60 years.

ERNST HÄRTEPRÜFER SA was born from the pioneering vision of great innovator, who created his first patent in Switzerland in 1946. Ever since, the ERNST patents have been the past and the future of the company.. Thanks to this ability to always create new solutions and to adapt them to more and more complex needs and demands, ERNST HÄRTEPRÜFER SA has actually been growing over the years up to becoming an established leader at international level, not only in the production and distribution of hardness testers, but also in research and development of advanced testers, able to offer a concrete answer to the changing problems of industry.

Research and innovation have always been part
of the DNA of ERNST HÄRTEPRÜFER SA, that, today the same as yesterday,
is committed to building the future in the hardness testing

ERNST HÄRTEPRÜFER SA is still being guided by the family that bears the name of its founder and, then as now, is committed to solve the outstanding issues in the field of measuring the hardness of metals.

A vocation towards constant research and innovation that now, more than ever, makes ERNST HÄRTEPRÜFER SA a forward-looking reality, specifically committed to anticipate and meet the needs in the field of hardness, constantly evolving.