Company profile

 _ Specialization and a wide range of products are the strengths and most distinctive features of ERNST HÄRTEPRÜFER SA, a leading company in the field of hardness testing, with over 60 years of experience in research, design, and production of hardness testers.

Always be the best partner in finding the most appropriate solutions to every need of hardness measurement.” With this objective, ERNST HÄRTEPRÜFER SA has developed a high level of specialization and an extremely wide range of products , which includes portable hardness testers, bench hardness testers, automatic, standard and specialized hardness testers.

This high specialization guaranteed by ERNST HÄRTEPRÜFER SA is determined by its extensive experience in the development of the most advanced measurement tools. Experience which turned it into a real landmark in the hardness testing all around the world and that allows the company to create continuous innovation, able to provide solutions more and more specific and targeted.

As an internationally established
leader, ERNST HÄRTEPRÜFER SA is able to offer
the highest expertise
and a full range of reliable
products, that are continuously improved.

Together with its clients, ERNST HÄRTEPRÜFER SA develops equipment that can operate efficiently even in a complex environment, in which difficult application requirements combine with the need to provide fast, accurate and reliable results. The testers’ customization and the opportunity to have them designed, adapted, and integrated into a productions line or to provide a complete of automation, are issues that have always characterized us.

That's why we feel like more than just suppliers: whoever chooses ERNST HÄRTEPRÜFER SA, knows that they can count on a real partner, on a consultant ready to suggest, study, and design very customized tools. A vision that is also reflected in the commitment to support and follow each client, step by step, in the search for increasingly advanced solutions. That is why we are present in every part of the world and we can count on a distribution network widely spread on five continents.