Research, innovation, customization. The experience of a leader for advanced tools.

 _ Hardness testing in ERNST HÄRTEPRÜFER SA has been a real passion since 1946, when the first patent was filed by Alfred Ernst. From that moment on, the company has continued to develop innovative hardness testers, more and more specialized and customized, able to solve any kind of problem in the field of hardness measurement.

  • Company profile

    Much more than just a supplier: your partner in finding solutions for every requirement in hardness testing.

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  • History, philosophy and values

    Since 1954, international pioneers of innovations due to our exclusive patents, to the continued investments, and to high precision.

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  • Quality and certification

    ERNST HÄRTEPRÜFER SA means product quality internationally certified by the main control institutions and able to set new standards for reliability and precision in the hardness testing.

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  • Innovation and patents

    New tools for new needs of hardness testing: innovation has always been in the DNA of the company and it is reflected by every hardness tester that we produce.

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